About the AMTL

The Associated Music Teachers League is a long-standing educational service and philanthropic organization, incorporated in 1925. It sponsors scholarship awards, auditions, special music festivals, and concerts in Weill Recital Hall and other NYC music facilities. It also holds general meetings every season in Steinway Hall.
AMTL’s full membership consists of professional musicians and instructors who are faculty of the major conservatories, universities, and other music programs in the tri-state area. Others maintain private studios.
Associate membership is open to interested individuals, organizations, and businesses.

The AMTL is a tax-exempt non-profit organization (501(c)3). All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Associated Music Teachers League, Inc. is to advance, through music, cultural education, physical and mental development, and artistic achievement amongst the general public and to increase public awareness of the ability of music to communicate beyond ideological, cultural, and geographical boundaries. In furtherance of this purpose, the AMTL will promote and foster the study of classical music by presenting public concerts and lectures, providing performance and scholarship opportunities for young musicians, including competitive and non-competitive events, and promoting high artistic, pedagogical, and ethical standards in the study of music.

History of the AMTL

The AMTL, founded in 1925, is an organization comprised of music professionals. The full-member, professional musicians and instructors maintain private studios and/or are faculty of the major conservatories and universities or other music programs in the tri-state area. Associate membership is open to interested organizations, businesses, or individuals who wish to demonstrate their good-will and support of our educational and philanthropic activities. Among its earlier patrons were inventor Thomas Edison and conductor Dimitri Mitropoulos.

One of the aims of the organization is to provide student performers with incentives for continued musical growth. The AMTL sponsors several concerts of student performers. The Winter Musicales, held at Queens College, features well-prepared student performers who were submitted for participation by their teachers. Most other programs are determined by competitive audition. The Mid-Season Musicales are held at various performance spaces in the New York metropolitan area and the Young Musicians Concert is held annually at Weill Recital Hall.

Another popular event is the New York Young Performers Prizes that the AMTL sponsors and conducts each year for student performers in various age and instrumental categories. Students may vie for significant financial awards in various instrumental and voice categories. There are different awards for different age levels.

A benefit to members submitting student performer applications is a generously discounted application fee per applicant. Non-members pay an additional fee per applicant.

From time to time, special music festivals that feature other world-renowned pedagogues, performers, and lecturers are conducted by the AMTL at major colleges and conservatories and other music facilities in New York City. Other AMTL philanthropic activities include a scholarship the AMTL established in its name at a college music department awarded to music majors chosen by faculty committee. Also, the AMTL contributes support to scholarship funds of other non-profit organizations.

An annual brochure/directory is published listing member and associate member addresses, telephone numbers and area(s) of expertise; scholarship award winners; as well as past and future activities of the AMTL. Monthly newsletters include valuable information and provide a place to announce other music events, as well. The web address is: www.amtl.org.