Kayla Pearl Kaushansky is 9 years old. Kayla started playing piano when she was five and a half years old. Kayla attends the Anderson school for the gifted and talented children. She regularly performs at musicales for AMTL and in biannual recitals at Steinway Hall. Last year Kayla was selected as one of young performers to perform in Carnegie hall.

Rima Agami was born in Ukraine, graduated from Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, taught in a Russian music college shortly after her graduation and was a soloist for a philharmonic orchestra company in Ukraine. In 1987 Rima immigrated to the USA and is currently working in the Florentine School of Music.


Today Kayla will play Shubert’s Military March in duet with her teacher Rima Agami. They learned this piece especially for this fundraising event. Kayla’s program always consists of several compositions, with polyphony as a mandatory part. Kayla will also perform J. S. Bach 2 part invention #15.