Associated Music Teachers League

Honors Concert Event Details


DATE: Sunday, May 10, 2020, at 3:00 PM.

VENUE: Steinway Hall, 1133 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications must be completed by the Instructors and submitted by Monday, April 6, 2020. 

VIDEO DEADLINE: All video links re. applications must be sent to by Monday, April 20, 2020.


  • For each Application, a YouTube video link must be set up and sent to:
  • Each YouTube video must be labelled with the initials of the event (HC), followed by the applicant’s initials and age. E.g., for a 14-year-old John Smith, the respective post should be labelled HC2020JS14.
  • Each video must comprise a good-quality one-angle shot, showing the performer’s full body. In the case of pianists, the entire keyboard and foot pedals must also be shown. No multi-angle shots or other forms of amplification are allowed.
  • In each recording, the applicant may only announce the repertoire selection to be performed (complete title, opus number and composer). If the performer’s name or other personal information is mentioned, their application will be disqualified. 
  • Only full recordings of each repertoire selection must be posted, without edits or cuts; partial recordings will be disqualified. 
  • Each selection must be recorded on a separate YouTube video (i.e. 2 pieces will require 2 separate video links).
  • Strings and Voice applicants must use a piano accompanist for all non-solo works.
  • All compositions must be performed from memory, except for entries regarding Composers (e.g. premier works).
  • On the day of the event, there will be an opportunity for brief warm-ups and rehearsals.


ELIGIBILITY & AGE LIMITS (at the time of performance): Pianists no older than 22 years of age; String Players no older than 22 years of age; Singers no older than 26 years of age; Composers no older than 27 years of age. 

ENTRIES & REPERTOIRE: Each solo/ensemble entrant must be prepared to perform, from memory, one or two compositions, selected from the advanced standard repertory of Baroque, Classic, Romantic, or Contemporary composers (Note for Singers: No Musical Theater). Abridged or simplified editions will not be accepted. Arrangements are not acceptable either, except for certain standard solo or ensemble pieces, which must be approved by the Concert Chair prior to the audition.

  Two piano ensembles (4 hands / 8 hands) are welcome to enter this year’s Concert.

  Composers (up to 27 years of age) are welcome to premiere their work(s). 

∗    String and Wind Ensembles (String Quartet, Wind/ Brass Quintets,Piano Trios/ Quartets etc.)

PERFORMANCE TIME: No longer than ten (10) minutes in total, even for entries comprising two (2) compositions.

ACCOMPANISTS: Strings applicants must supply their own accompanists; Vocalists may use an AMTL accompanist.

EVALUATION: The Adjudicators’ reports on video auditions will be emailed to the individual Instructors.

MEMBERSHIP: To enter students at the discounted rate, an instructor must be an AMTL Member at least since December 2019. Non-Members must pay an additional fee, which is not a student expense and can also apply as membership fee for the following season. AMTL Members must not be in arrears in the payment of their dues at the time of application; otherwise, Non-Member Fees will apply. Applicants and their instructors must be in good standing. 


FOR AMTL MEMBERS: $80 per entry (Student expense; includes 4 guest seats)

FOR NON-MEMBERS: $130 per entry ($80 Student expense; includes 4 guest seats + $50 Instructor expense, paid separately)

ENSEMBLES/ COLLABORATIVE GROUPS: $40 PER PERFORMER (Includes 2 Guest Seats per performer)
FOR NON-MEMBERS: $40 PER PERFORMER (Includes 2 Guest seats per performer) plus $50 NON-MEMBER FEE for the Ensemble, paid separately

Note: Participation fees are non-refundable; no fee is required for accompanists. The additional $50 fee for Non-Members must be paid by a separate check or online transaction, as it is not a student expense.

SEATS: Participants will have to make seat reservations for their guests. The fee for each additional seat is $20 and must be paid online in advance. NO PAYMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE DOOR.