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Our Sponsors

The AMTL gratefully acknowledges the philanthropic support from our sponsors.

It is their continued generosity that makes our work possible:

Steinway & Sons

Smart Family Foundation of New York
Mary Smart

John and Elaine Kanas Family Foundation

Estate of Lucy Boyan Balakian
Lucy Boyan Balakian

Schrade Family
Rorianne Schrade

Rosalyn Tobey Memorial Fund
David Tobey and Family

Dr. Florence Wong Hong

Regina Rubinoff

Dr. Emilia Del Terzo

Judith Shih

Chinese Christian leadership Fellowship, Inc.

Dr. William Krakauer

Eileen Lee

Aileen, Elsie, Dorothy, Ivy and Angela Lin

Xuan He Sha and Xing Di Yao

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Yeh

Rocky S. Tuan

Winnie Lee

Lorra Lee and Edwin C. Wong

Judith Shih

Daniel W. and Josephine M. Lee

Wing Kee Wong

Scott T. and Karen Drain

Matt and Chi-Chi King