The New York Young Performers Prize (NYYPP)

offers a unique musical experience for students of all instruments. Young pianists, string players to age 23 and chamber music ensembles to age 25 will strive for a level of expertise and monetary prizes at an online event viewed by international audiences.

Preliminary round event & Final round event

Students entering these auditions learn to develop a work ethic by preparing up to three pieces of music by memory (depending on the age group) and having their performances reviewed by acclaimed adjudicators. Entrants chosen from the preliminary round (Video Audition) are then presented at the final round event.

  Watch Preliminary round event 2023 here.

  Watch Final round event 2023 here.

   See the Winners of the 2023 NYYPP Competition here.

The New York Young Performers Prizes

go beyond developing a student’s talent. The preparation that goes into learning a piece of music and the experience of performing in a competitive environment will carry through to other aspects of their lives: academic, social, spiritual, and intellectual. In addition to rewarding students for their high levels of achievement, NYYPP also encourages teachers to maintain high pedagogical standards.

Open for Long-Distance & International Participation

The 2024 NYYPP Competition wishes to welcome any aspiring participant that meets the requirements, regardless of their location. Near or far, whether in the USA or around the globe, if you are interested in competing by performing for acclaimed adjudicators and international audiences, make sure to submit your Application on time!

Upcoming NYYPP 2024:
Event: Final-Round Event
Date: Sunday, May 05, 2024  
Time: 4:00 P.M.
Format: Video streaming
Application Deadline: Monday, March 25, 2024 (for all applications, submitted online, completed by the Instructors) College-Division candidates may fill out their Forms themselves.
Video Deadline: Monday, April 08, 2024 (Video Auditions ‘YouTube-links‘ must be submitted within the Application Form below, or sent by email to:
Before you send your audition videos, kindly make sure that they are free of any YouTube Kids (kids-only) restrictions.

The Associated Music Teachers League, Inc. (hereinafter, “AMTL”) reserves the right to cancel any event. In case of such cancellation, the AMTL’s sole obligation shall be for the refund to the applicant of its application fee. The AMTL shall not be obligated in any way whatsoever for any costs, expenses, or other inconveniences incurred by you beyond the amount of the application fee.


See Reference Chart at the widgets right / bottom of this page. Please consult this Chart carefully before you complete your Application.

Regulations & Instructions:
  1. Auditions will be conducted via YouTube video links. Please follow the steps and restrictions described below:
    1. For each candidate, a YouTube video link must be set up per each audition piece they perform. Each composition (repertoire selection) must be recorded and uploaded into a separate YouTube video (i.e., for 2 pieces, 2 separate YouTube video links will be required).
    2. Each YouTube upload must be labelled with the initials and year of the event, followed by the candidate’s initials and age. E.g., for a JOHN DOE aged 14, their video should be labelled NYYPP2023JD14.
    3. Audition videos must be of good quality and shot with an efficient smartphone or digital video recorder (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc.); a 4K resolution would be most welcome.
    4. A full recording of each selection must be posted, without any edits or cuts. Partial recordings will be disqualified.
    5. String applicants must use a piano accompanist for all non-solo works.
    6. Pianists are required to play from memory.
    7. The links to the audition videos can be submitted either within the candidate’s Online Form by April 3, 2023, or by email to, by no later than Monday, April 17, 2023.
    8. Before you send your audition links, kindly make sure that your name(s) is/are not mentioned on the videos or in the description boxes below, and that the videos are free of YouTube (kids-only) RESTRICTIONS.
  2. Except for College-Division/adult candidates who may apply in their own right, the Online Applications must be completed and submitted by the Instructors. In the case of candidates under the age of 18, their parent/guardian’s consent will be taken for granted by the AMTL upon receipt of the respective Applications.
  3. Chamber Music:
    1. Up to age 25.
    2. Ensembles: Minimum of 3 per group. If there are less than 3, consult first with the NYPP Coordinator if a piece of choice will be allowed. i.e. “Irish Tunes” for Voice and Violin by R. Clarke
    3. Ensembles (Instrument combinations): Trios / Quartets / Quintets including Piano, or any combination of Wind / Brass / Strings including Voice parts, Percussion ensembles etc.
      * If there is an unusual instrumentation in the planned repertoire, consult first with the NYYPP coordinator if allowable
    4. Compositions with Vocal parts will be allowed if combined with other instruments. Some examples are: Poulenc – Rapsodie Negre / Schoenberg – Pierrot Lunaire / Hindemith – Melancolie / Schubert – Der Hirt auf dem Felsen etc.
    5. Repertoire length: Between 10-20 minutes. It could be ONE single work or a combination of pieces by multiple composers.
    6. Finals repertoire: Adjudicator(s) will choose excerpts from the repertoire. It could be the complete Video submission or excerpts to limit the Video to a maximum of 12 minutes.
    7. For Chamber Music Contestants, the names of participants and their respective instruments can be included in the: “Is there anything you want to tell us?” Section.
  4. Only fully and accurately submitted applications will be accepted; make sure you consult the Reference Chart below.
  5. Previous 1st-place NYYPP winners are NOT eligible for the same Division, but may enter in a different Division, appropriate to their age.

      The Finalists’ repertoire will be determined according to the discretion of the Adjudicators. It may be a single piece or at least 2 works from the submitted repertoire.
      Except for candidates who apply in College Divisions, individual Instructors are responsible for the validity and accuracy of all information submitted in the Application Forms.
      All Application Fees are non-refundable.

      Information & Contact:

      Should you need additional information, please contact the Chairman of the Event, Max Antig, at