The AMTL gratefully acknowledges the philanthropic support from our sponsors.
It is their continued generosity that makes our work possible:
  • Steinway & Sons
  • Smart Family Foundation of New York
    Mary Smart
  • John and Elaine Kanas Family Foundation
  • Estate of Lucy Boyan Balakian
    Lucy Boyan Balakian
  • Schrade Family
    Rorianne Schrade
  • Rosalyn Tobey Memorial Fund
    David Tobey and Family
  • Dr. Florence Wong Hong
  • Regina Rubinoff
  • Dr. Emilia Del Terzo
  • Judith Shih
  • Chinese Christian leadership Fellowship, Inc.
  • Dr. William Krakauer
  • Eileen Lee
  • Aileen, Elsie, Dorothy, Ivy and Angela Lin
  • Xuan He Sha and Xing Di Yao
  • Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Yeh
  • Rocky S. Tuan
  • Winnie Lee
  • Lorra Lee and Edwin C. Wong
  • Judith Shih
  • Daniel W. and Josephine M. Lee
  • Wing Kee Wong
  • Scott T. and Karen Drain
  • Matt and Chi-Chi King