“Dear colleagues,
I am proud to be a member of the American Music Teachers League! When I joined, decades ago, I needed to establish contact with other young teachers also starting in the profession. I wanted to hear about their experiences, problems encountered, and solutions found, about approaches to teaching and problem solving I was not familiar with and, above all, as a source of opportunities for my private students to perform in front of audiences of peers, supportive rather than competitive. After my appointments to various schools and finally settling down at Manhattan School of Music , and in spite of abundant performance venues at my disposal, I still felt that AMTL would continue to play an important role in my teaching career. It has!”

Dr. Solomon Mikowsky – Member Piano Faculty
Artistic Director, International Piano Festivals


“I’ve been aware of the great things AMTL does since at least the 1990’s, when I was first asked to adjudicate for AMTL auditions at Steinway Hall. I was not a member at the time, simply an outsider, but I was impressed by all the time and care invested in it by the teaching professionals who were part of it – and by the talented students it attracted and encouraged. AMTL is upholding its great tradition today, while branching out into new directions, including virtual events.”

Rorianne Schrade – Pianist, Steinway Artist
directs Sevenars Music Festival in Massachusetts, writes for New York Concert Review


“AMTL is an organization of vision, quality and heart!”

Ronn Yedidia – New York Piano Academy


“AMTL is a great organization that offers many opportunities to students!”

Maureen McDermott – McDermott Trio,
Founding member of the Lighthouse Chamber Players

“Why AMTL? Simply because it provides opportunities for both Student and teacher to showcase a vast amount of creativity , through the NYYPP and the Honors concert the young singers are able to share the love of the craft. Singing is ingrained in the Filipino spirit and AMTL has provided a platform for aspiring students from the Far East, and for this we are truly grateful. We look forward to participate each year and hopefully be able to travel to NY and sing live. Perhaps? That will be something we look forward to doing!”

Perpy Heath – Voice Professor,
British School Manila, Philippines

“What a pleasure it was for me to find AMTL recitals and competitions. The New York venues adds an extra ecitement for my students, but mostly it is the quality and vairty of the perfformers! All students are wonderfully prepared, the range of repertoire exciting and the support enthusiastic.
And, of course – the Feedback! Getting a critique from a knowledgeable, experienced teacher is invaluable both for teacher and student.
I recommend AMTL recitals to all my colleagues.”

Tamara Slobodkin – Piano Instructor, NY

“I began my association with AMTL in the 90’s when my former wife was on the Board and I accompanied her vocal students at various events. I was very impressed with the quality of the performances and the impeccable protocol in which all manner of student events were conducted. Noting that some of the best artist level teachers in the NYC area participated in the concerts, I became very motivated to be a part of this organization for both inspiration and venues.
I was involved with the Winter Musicale from its inception and also submitted my students to the adjudicated events in Manhattan. Over the years I have become friendly with a group of wonderful teachers who have always championed my work and additionally have become my esteemed colleagues who I am so proud to have an association with.
AMTL is refreshingly unique in my history with teacher associations as an organization where the members support the special and individual contributions we all offer to make this a most special vehicle for our budding young musicians.”

Joseph Graziose – Pianist, NY

“The first year of my membership in AMTL was a gift from my cousin Darya Rodnon, New York piano teacher and sister of the New York Philharmonic pianist Leonid Hambro. Dahsha had always been involved with family decisions regarding my musical education and early career strategies. Whenever she adjudicated for an AMTL event, I would hear all about Rosetta Goodkind and the repertoire the winners had played, along with an earful of commentary about their physical mannerisms, rubato, or any attributes I should listen out for if I were someday in her shoes. 
AMTL had a distinguished history, and Dahsha was steering me to continue holding the torch for the organization’s high standards. Within a few years of initiation, I was thrilled to report back to her the details of my own experience as a panelist. Over the course of many changes of personnel and leadership, I have heard crops of young musicians spurred to new and better achievements through AMTL’s encouragement and support. This was especially true during the period of isolation in 2020, when musicians needed a goal and an outlet for their creative work, and AMTL was right there for them. 
I am grateful and honored to have been able to add to AMTL’s long list of student performers and winners (including my two children), and I look forward to many more years of interaction with wonderful musicians, colleagues, and friends.”

Dr. Emily White – D.M.A., A.R.A.M.

“I have been a proud member of the AMTL for over twenty years. It’s an excellent, idealistic organization which provides encouragement and performing opportunities for music students at all levels. As the Chair of the Mid-Season Musicales for eight years it has been a particular pleasure to see many of the same students participate in this event year after year, and watch them grow up, and develop as musicians.”

Donald Isler – BM, MM – Manhattan School of Music
Pianist, Teacher, Writer
Author of the book ” Afterthoughts of a Pianist/Teacher – A Collection of Essays and Interviews”

“AMTL is a very unique organization where the support to young artists and their development is at the center of all efforts. It has been wonderful to also experience a very pleasant collegiality among teachers as well.
Amtl proved its mission during the very challenging times of the pandemic when young artists had the opportunity to still have the chance to showcase their art. Many world-class musicians joined us then by adjudicating the competition that reached and offered a platform to musicians from all over the world. Amtl also produced concerts to support Ukrainian children, which also shows the social awareness of this organization.
AMTL events are always wonderfully organized and students have the chance to share the stage with colleagues that inspire and challenge them, in a nurturing and supportive environment.”

Dr. Pablo Lavandera, Pianist – Vice-President Associated Music Teachers League-AMTL
Piano Faculty and Visiting Artist in Residency. Stony Brook University, NY

“During the Pandemic, the competitions and performance opportunities which AMTL offered were a beautiful and valuable gift for my students. I will be eternally grateful for the loving respect to each performer and the caring presentation for each performance which this organization reflected. Today, I am dedicated to helping and supporting the priceless and necessary mission of AMTL.”

Dr. Linda M Sinanian – Violinist, Chamberosity

“The Associated Music Teachers League is a wonderful organization that provides children with concert playing opportunities. These childrens’ concerts are at beautiful venues, are of the highest quality and, with the New York Young Performers Prize, give cash prizes for the best performances. I recommend AMTL to all Tri-state music teachers as an inspiring addition to their students’ recital and concert event calendars.”

Ms. Linda Strasser – Voice Teacher, Musical Theater

Tribute to the Associated Music Teachers League

“I have been a member of the AMTL for more than 25 years. It was the first music organization that I became a member of when I arrived in the United States from Ukraine. Right from the beginning, the AMTL board welcomed and embraced me so that I immediately felt that I was part of a very special team of people: gifted musicians, dedicated teachers and generous, spirited human beings who selflessly gave their time and expertise to the community. For all these years, I’ve been honored to serve on the board myself; for 3 years running a very special event called the Mid-season Musicales, entering my students in a variety of events, as well as making lots of new musical friends.

Last year was a tragic year for many of us with war braking out in Ukraine, my home country. I was looking for a way to help by organizing a benefit concert but didn’t have the resources, space, time, or simply the energy to do it. But serendipity occurred during the Mid-season Musicales Concert in March when I chatted with AMTL’s President, Evelyn Ulex, and mentioned my desire. Evelyn was eager to go ahead with the project on such short notice! She is an amazing human being and a true leader of the organization. She really made the impossible possible. With the help of many volunteers, she was able to quickly organize a beautiful event called Children Helping Children Through Music. We presented an evening of two fundraising concerts, which were live-streamed and recorded. The concerts raised an impressive sum of money for the Ukrainian Children Rescue Fund. A lot of AMTL students participated (including my student and his father), along with students from preparatory divisions of major music colleges. I’m so grateful to the AMTL for this concert. It was a very meaningful and important event, showing that the AMTL is not just a music organization, but a very special music organization with empathy and a big heart. I’m so proud and honored to be a part of this organization! “

Marina Obukovsky – Head of Piano Department at the School for Strings
SAA Teacher Trainer
Assistant Professor, Mannes School of Music, Preparatory Division, The New School, NYC