For more than 70 years, the first performance of the school year has been the Winter Musicales; coming just before the holidays, it has become one of the children’s favorite events. The Winter Musicales is held on the first Sunday in December at Queens College in Flushing, NYC. It features public student performances and the children are encouraged to invite friends and family.
The children do not have to audition for this family friendly concert, which is open for all instruments, including voice.


Winter Musicales Live Recitals

Recital Date: Sunday, December 8, 2024
Times: 2:00 PM & 3:30 PM
Venue: Choral Recital Hall – Music Building at Queens College, CUNY
Application Deadline: Wednesday, November 13, 2024




Pianists through age 18; String, Wind and Brass Players through age 19; Singers through age 21.
Members must be in good standing to enter students and must have paid their 2023-2024 dues before submitting applications. Students entering this event may also be entered all other AMTL events.

Entries per Teacher:

Up to three (3) performance entries, consisting of any combination of solos and ensembles.
Each teacher may enter up to three soloists / two soloists and one ensemble / two ensembles and one soloist / three ensembles; the teacher of at least one player of an ensemble must be an AMTL Member.


Although this is a special event, one for which there is no audition, high standards must be maintained.
All solo music must be prepared at a performance level and performed from MEMORY except String & Wind performers / chamber ensembles / piano duets / piano accompanists.
Photocopies of music are not allowed (unless the music is permanently out of print). No abridged or simplified arrangements will be accepted for instrumentalists / singers. No concerto repertoire is allowed.


Only standard classical repertoire originally written for piano will be accepted (except for ensembles). Minimum playing level: Easy Bach or Mozart Minuets.


Repertoire must include at least one piece displaying classical vocal technique, style, and repertoire. Minimum level: folk song arrangements. If timing permits a second piece, a Musical-Theater piece may be an option.

Performance Time:

To make the performance levels as varied as possible, the following MAXIMUM time limits will apply per entry:

  • Early Level: 3 Minutes
  • Intermediate Level: 4 Minutes
  • Advanced Level: 8 Minutes

Each participant may perform no more than two pieces, regardless of brevity. Teachers and students are responsible for including the exact timing of each piece in the Application Form(s). If a performance exceeds the indicated time limits, please contact Chairperson Jeong-Hwa Park for approval.


Instrumentalists and singers must supply their own accompanists. Please mention your accompanist’s name in your Application Form below, so that it can be included in the program of the Event.

Application Fees:





No tickets will be required for the audience.



For additional information and/or clarifications, please contact the Chairpersons of the Event, Jeong-Hwa Park and Anthony Newton:
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